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Whatsapp Group Games – Best, Funny Group Texting Games

Playing Whatsapp Groups Games is popular in recent days. Have you ever tried playing Group Texting games? As you all know, whatsapp is a most popular instant messaging application. We can chat with anyone around the world if we just have their mobile number. This is not a tech related post. We just want to provide some refreshment to the users. That’s why we are posting this.

We can also create groups, invite our friends to those groups and chat with them. Picking the best group adds some extra value to the group. If you don’t have a group name yet, you can select one from our recent post on “Best, Cool, Funny, Crazy Whatsapp Group Names for Family, Friends

Chatting with friends in a group is crazy. If you want more fun while chatting in Whatsapp Groups, you can play some crazy, funny, puzzle Whatsapp Group Games. If you do so, you will not get bored and will have more fun. These are also called Whatsapp Group Texting Games.

There are many funny group games are there if you want to play on whatsapp groups. Here, we collected some of the best Whatsapp Group Games and added here in this post to provide our readers some fun. I hope you will go crazy, if you try playing the games mentioned below.

Funny, Cool, Puzzle, Crazy Whatsapp Group Games:

#1 Movie Lines

The main theme of this game is, developing conversations using the movie lines only. You can challenge your friends to chat with one other using the lines of any movies. This is one of the best Whatsapp Group Games or Texting Games. You can also choose movies according to your likes. You can choose your favorite actor or actress and start building conversations with the lines of their movies. Play this Cool Whatsapp Group game and have fun with your friends.

#2 Whatsapp Word Games:

In this game, first you need to start the game with a word and tell others to do so. Forming words is not funny isn’t it? So, you can choose any particular topic such as Movies, Sports, cars, celebrities etc. and start forming words. You can also put a condition as the next one who is going to tell the word has to say with the last letter of the preceding word. You will not expect what words others text you and it will be cool.

#3 Kiss, Marry, Kill:

This would be a craziest game if you try to play it on Groups. You can also play this game with your friends or lovable ones. First, you have to three names to others and tell them to use one word to one person it would be Kiss, it would be Marry or it would be Kill. You have to choose one word for one person. So, be careful while giving them names. If there is no smartness in giving the names, it will let them choose the words easily. So, try to give the names which they cannot choose easily. This is also one of the best group games. Play it and have fun.

#4 Whatsapp Group Games using Emoticons:

In this game, you can build conversation using the emoticons. You have to stick to the rule. If you are stopped sending emoticons, you are eliminated and be sure that the emoticons are related to the previous one. First, you send an emoticon in the group and tell others to follow it. You will have loads of fun while playing this game.

There is one more type in Whatsapp Group Games by using emoticons. Form a word using the emoticons and ask others to find the hidden word in it. Try to form difficult words, so that they will end up losing.

Here, we added some emoticon hidden word puzzle Whatsapp Group Games. You can check them and form some new words on your own.

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Puzzle Whatsapp Group Games using Emoticons:

Here, I added only few emoticon games. You can try on your own and ask your friends to find the names.

Additional Questions for the readers:

Try to answer these questions and give your answer in the comment box below.

Choose the best profile picture: Best, Cool Whatsapp DP

These are some Whatsapp Group Games we know and we will keep updating more games here. Thank You for Reading the post.



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