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Convert Pdf to Image | Pdf to Jpg | Pdf to Png Completly Free And Easy Way

Pdf to Image or Pdf to Jpg or Pdf to Png , if you search any of these terms in your search engine you will find many online and offiline softwares. Converting Pdf files into other formats like Png or Jpg files are very easy, here i will explain you what you need to convert a pdf file format and steps in converting a Pdf file into Jpg or Png file formats.

How to Convert Pdf to Image:

As i said before, converting a pdf file into an image file is very easy. To change the format of a pdf file to image, we suggest you to use a pdf viewer called “Nitro Pro” pdf viewer. Nitro Pdf Viewer is available for windows 8, 7 and Vista Operating system computers. By using this Nitro Pro you can convert pdf to image very easily.

Download the Nitro Pro pdf viewer from here, and follow the below  easy steps to convert pdf to Image.

Steps to Convert Pdf to Image – Pdf to Jpg:

First download the Nitro Pro Pdf Viewer from the official link given above and install the software in your windows computer. After installing the software follow the below simple steps to convert Pdf to Jpg format.

  • Open the Nitro Pro Pdf Viewer in you computer.
  • Now open a pdf file (which file you want to change into an image format) with Nitro Pro Pdf Viewer.
  • In the tool bar of Nitro, you will see the option “To image” click on that option.


  • After selecting that option you will see a pop windows like below image.
  • In that opened windows click on the pdf file and select you image format(Png or Jpg).
  • After selecting your destination folder click on convert.
  • Wait for some time to get a copy of image format file from your pdf file.
  • You can also get only one page in your pdf file as an image, for that click on choose pages option in the above image to select which page you want to convert into an image.

That’s all you have to do, to convert pdf to image (pdf to png image format or pdf to jpg image format).

I write this article because the Nitro Pro pdf viewer helps me a lot in my work. With the Nitro Pro Pdf Viewer you can also convert a pdf to word file, pdf to excel and also pdf to plain text which is very helpful in many cases. So, i suggest download the Nitro Pro and convert your pdf files into many other useful file formats.

I hope this article will help you to convert pdf to image and many other useful file formats. If you found this article will help some one, then share it on your social networking sites like facebook, google+ and twitter.



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