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Top Five Case Management Softwar – Techie Raza

What is Case Management Software?

A Case includes any project, development, response, service, proposal, or other complicated activity. A successful resolution of a problem or issue is the basic aim of the case. It involves many people with different relations from the internal and external environment of the organization, along with various documents and reports.

Case management is the work of recording, monitoring, and analyzing. The various activities involve in the case operations like the processing of the data, or relevant content, analysis, recording, involvement, and monitoring arises the need for Case Management. Case operations can also include a service request, investigation, issue, or conflict.

Case management software mainly serves as a solution to enhance the quality of performance and operations. It is to optimize the results. It also helps in connecting the communication channel between the team members and the customers of your organization. It improves the personalized program for the customers and project development. Finally, it allows you to evaluate the outcomes and the collected data of the report. Case management software enables you to manage your business with one accessible place. It also permits to collect and follow clients’ information. Moreover, it includes client communications, case notes, appointments, contact information, scheduling, history, and billing.

Why You Require Case Management Software?

You require a case management software if you still follow the conventional way of registering clients’ information on papers. It doesn’t matter whether you manage social services or you are a company owner, or you run a non-profit organization. Some firms connect primary software and paper-based recordings of clients’ information. But, in this way, it is difficult to have absolute clarity into the client’s data. Other firms use classical or inadequate systems that fulfil only basic purposes. It may restrict the organization from creating the insights and records they require. Using modern and multi-purpose software solutions would enable these companies to enhance the correctness of their information. So, it is easy to ensure that all team members have access to a regular and complete client report.

Key Features of Case Management Software

The major feature of suitable client assistance software is that it serves more than simple case management. Selecting a cloud platform is fundamental and considered as a minimum requirement and not an essential feature.

Following are the things you should keep in mind when deciding a case management software:

  • Integration: The case management software solution should have the ability to interface with external systems, implementing adaptable APIs that allow clients to make bidirectional real-time interaction between the relevant apps, networks, and platforms.
  • Self-service: Organizations require providing clients with self-service portals, allowing them to clarify issues with guidance from a company representative.
  • Advanced analytics: The case management software solution should provide a thorough analysis and recording. Unlike traditional one-dimensional reports, Predictive intelligence analytics allow you to transform your insight into instant work. It provides you with new ways to visualize your data and KPIs and connect various data sources with a powerful analytics engine. It signifies that now you will be able to foresee requirements, demands and can modify them accordingly.
  • Mobile support: Assistance and support for different systems and media are crucial- both for clients and operators. Thus it must provide 24×7 customer supports through mobile management and self-service alternatives.

Top Five Case Management Software Solutions for 2020

Nowadays, many free case management software solutions are accessible in the market. It can be difficult for someone to know what case management software solution does and which components make case management software solution a distinct one, as the overflowing cloud case management and legal tech space create confusion.

Following are the list of the five best case management software solutions for 2020.


This case management software is specially designed for the community and social services organizations. By providing a safe and reliable platform, it helps to eliminate manual processes and paperwork. PlanStreet’s Microsoft Azure cloud helps to enhance the performance, safety, and security of the organization. The solution is broad enough to incorporate HIPAA compliance needs and high security.

This solution can also automate hand-operated processes. It provides easy and direct approachability from the office, your home, or the field. The easy usage and convenient accessibility of relevant data for all caseworkers, service providers, and other stakeholders make PlanStreet different from other software solutions.

The essential components of PlanStreet’s Solution:


It is the primary move in designing efficient case management. It includes interaction between a customer and a case operator. It is where the case operator collects data through discussion, recognizes the client’s requirements, and records them in PlanStreet’s intake form.

Requires Assessment

This step includes the data of the Intake stage. Here, on this stage, the responsibility of the case operator includes having a deep understanding of expected challenges and future goals to deliver efficient services.

Service Planning

Here, the decisions are based on resources of data collected by the clients that fulfil the client’s needs. The case operator needs to plan every stage and set objectives for the organization using the PlanStreet software solution.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Services need to be correctly examined and observed using PlanStreet. Evaluation is necessary to ensure the level of satisfaction and to understand how your service has made an impression on your client. It is through receiving feedback.

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Advantages of using PlanStreet’s Case Management Solution:

  • The most notable benefit is its elasticity to adjust to new processes and modifying individualistic needs.
  • It streamlines the company’s workflow and improves performance.
  • As it informs everyone after the task ends, it saves time for the operators to perform other responsibilities.
  • This case management software solution assists in analyzing the reports, trends, and instantly solves fraud cases. Also, it forwards compliance reports.


MyCase assists the lawyers working in small law firms to maintain relations with their clients. Besides, performing regular services and presenting facilities such as accounting and scheduling becomes easy. It is a cloud-based legal case management software solution that allows time tracking, docketing, contact management, and syncs their calendars. Computers and different mobile access for both Android and iOS devices are available.

This case management software solution provides the facility of electronic bill payment and notifications right from the desktop or mobile interfaces. Other features like contact management, a particular client portal, custom communication templates, expense tracking, and case filing system also comprise in this solution. It makes it a cost-effective case management software. The 30-day free sign-up facility is also available for this legal case management software solution.


This case management solution is suitable for small to big organizations. It provides the facility to track crucial deadlines, bill & collect them from customers, handle cases, and documents effectively. It also allows users to manage tasks and track billable time. The time can be on a monthly, weekly, daily, or yearly basis. It works with the essential time tracking feature. The billable hour targets how efficiently customers are proceeding for them. And, this is visible in the practice dashboard section.

Features like billing and accounting enable clients to obtain data by email and secure client portal. Another feature of Clio Payments enables lawyers to accept payment to either an operating account or a customer’s trust. The software provides access through mobile devices in the form of Android & iOS apps and desktops.


This case management software solution provides a modular suite of applications and adaptable deployment choices. Lawyers mainly use SmartAdvocate to maintain contacts, docketing, calendaring, communication, and documents. Time tracking, accounting, billing, and invoicing are the other features of this software solution.

It avoids the double entry of data by maintaining all case data within a single platform. Forwarding cover letters, other reports, and reaching by mass email or SMS to the customers are some other relevant features. Maximum information on a single screen like a pop-up screen is the distinct feature of this software solution interface. This software costs $5,995 plus $995 by a user for the server version and $89/user/month for the cloud-hosted service. The cost of training, data conversion, integrations, or migration is not there in this price chart.

PracticePanther Legal

This management software solution is suitable for small to medium-size firms practicing in fields that include criminal law, bankruptcy law, personal injury, estate planning, litigation, and far more. This cloud-based solution is compatible and accessible with Mac, Desktop, iPad, and other Android mobile apps. It also allows users to sync data via devices and access the system remotely.

Contact management, case management, time tracking, client portal notifications, document management, billing/invoicing, calendaring/docketing, and accounting are some of the key features of this software system.



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