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7 Best Antivirus For iPhone, Antivirus for iPad

The two major giants of smartphones, iOS and android have been fighting since long. And the most powerful argument held by the iOS users deals with security. One has to agree upon the fact that iOS does have an upper hand in terms of security. But, this doesn’t makes the iOS users completely safe from the malicious attacks on their iPhones. Thus, the importance of having an antivirus for iPhone can not be neglected. And for that matter, you gotta choose the best antivirus for iPhone which can protect your iPhone. To make your task easy, we have made a detailed research and shortlisted the most effective and best antivirus for iPhone.

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It has been evident that people take more precautions while using internet and installing any new software in their PC or laptop. And very few people think before getting anything new into their smartphones. Well the truth is that, your smartphone actually needs more protection. The reason is that most of the things in today’s world which are accessible via a PC or laptop is now also accessible through an iPhone. Hence, your iPhone is just as vulnerable to virus attacks as your laptop or desktop. Though the core system of iPhone takes utmost care of these issues, but as they say that precaution is better than cure. And when it’s an iPhone, you just won’t be happy curing the disease later. So check out our list of best antivirus for iPhone below.

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Best Antivirus for iPhone, Ipad:

1.  Avast Secure Me:

Avast is big brand name in the arena of antivirus. The Avast Secure Me application is focused on keeping a track on your online presence. Avast Secure Me keeps a watch on your activities like online messaging, shopping, banking, etc. During this Avast Secure Me makes sure that your private information stays secured and prevents any kind of leaks. The main problems are faced when you’re connected to an open WiFi network. In this case, there is a high probability that your private information gets leaked. Avast Secure Me notifies you against any such threats.

2. McAfee Mobile Security

Sometimes you don’t need internet to lose. Any of your important file in your iPhone can be easily accessed by anyone in your near proximity. McAfee Mobile Security helps you keep you friends away form snooping your private stuffs. It provides you with a shield to protect your confidential files and even report you if anyone else apart from you tries to access them. Along with this, it also facilitates backing up your iPhone’s data so that you retrieve it according to the need. One amazing feature is Secure Snap, which stores all the images being captured directly into your secured vault.

3. Lookout Mobile Security:

Something which might turn out to be a nightmare for every iPhone user is losing your smartphone. Lookout Mobile Security protects your iPhone like no one would ever could. Be it data loss, mobile theft or any other threat, Lookout Mobile Security backs you up in each of this case. It takes a regular backup of your phone automatically. In case you lose your phone, Lookout will locate it within seconds if it is connected to internet. It also saves the last location of your iPhone before the battery drains out completely. It triggers an alarm to find your device if you feel it’s near by even if it’s in silent mode.

4. Norton Mobile Security:

Norton Mobile Security is known for delivering powerful, effective and a reliable protection for iPhone and iPad. It keeps tracing for any threat in your iPhone continuously and notifies you about the same. On top of it, Norton also makes sure that your data gets backed up regularly. Moreover, Norton Mobile Security can also find your iPhone if it gets lost. It saves the last location of iPhone before it is shut down and triggers an alarm to locate the same quickly. Hence, Norton stays a strong contender in this list of best antivirus for iPhone.

5. Avira Mobile Security:

Avira Mobile Security is an ideal tool to have as an antivirus for iPhone to ensure complete security. It keeps a track of your emails to make sure that their privacy has not been compromised. You also get a dashboard from where you can take control of your iPhone. With the help of Avira dashboard, you can connect to 5 devices which will be tracked and traced down in case of loss or theft. In app community support is also provided where you can post your questions and get answers quickly.

6. F-Secure Safe:

Most of the time that we spend on our iPhones involve use of internet. To make sure that your iPhone is all secured during your online activities is important. F-Secure Safe helps you keep your iPhone and your personal information safe while browsing. It notifies you about malicious nature of websites. Hence, maintains a healthy environment for you to explore internet on. It also has an in built parental control feature which warns you before accessing any content which may be unsuitable for children. This can certainly prove to be the best antivirus for iPhone.

7. 360 Security

Over a long run use of iPhone, one is bound to collect lot of pictures and data in the same. 360 degree is equipped with a photo optimizer which scans your album regularly for any duplicate photos. Also it has the capability to group them according to it’s predetermined algorithms. 360 security also helps you clear out unwanted space from your iPhone. It cleans all the unnecessary files clearing up lot of space from your iPhone. It also has features to save the battery of you iPhone.

Here we put an end to our list of best antivirus for iPhone. There are many reasons to have an antivirus for iPhone. Antivirus these days offer a variety of features than just scanning for viruses. I hope you liked the list I’ve presented above. You can install them from itunes. You will surely be able to choose the best antivirus for iPhone for yourself. Though I would like to hear from you if you’re using any other antivirus for iPhone which is not mentioned above.



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