How to earn money online in pakistan

In Pakistan everyone nowadays is asking how to earn money online in Pakistan. Because people don’t have jobs and inflation is increasing day by day and people are unemployed. People are now trying to start earning money online in Pakistan.

Students are also trying to earn money in their part time to pay their institution fees. In this regard they get scammed by scammers on the internet. So the question is How to earn money online in Pakistan? Without getting scammed and any investment?

Well, I have the solution for this. I will share the skills and methods below with you. By following them you will be able to earn money online in Pakistan without any investment.

Legit ways on how to earn money online in pakistan

Online earning money is easy, anyone can do it. But it needs patience and continuous hard work. If you have good skills and knowledge in technology then you can easily do it. Let’s discuss now what you need and how to earn money online in Pakistan by sitting at your home’s comfort and without spending a penny.

Below are the skills and methods, If you apply them you can easily earn money online:


Freelancing in Pakistan

Freelancing is something that requires skills. If you are good in any skill, Believe me you can earn upto $500 – $1000 per month by offering your service to the international clients.

Pakistan is growing very fast in freelancing. According to payoneer, Pakistan is on top 4th position in the world in top growing country in freelancing. Which is great news for Pakistanis.

You can also earn great income in your part time or full time by doing freelancing jobs. There are more than 100+ services you can offer in freelancing. Such as: Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Video Editing, Audio Editing, App Development, Web Development, Voice Over and much more. In my opinion, Freelancing is the best option to earn money online.

Top different freelancing websites:

There are many freelancing websites in online marketplace to offer your services. Some top sites are: Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Freelancer, Guru etc. You can also offer your services on social media to get the clients. Below are some popular freelancing sites that you can join to earn money online in pakistan.

Upwork: Upwork is #1 freelancing marketplace on the internet. Buyers post their job requirements so you can check if they meet your skills.

If you can do that job you should send the proposal to the buyer. Once the buyer selects you as their employer they will assign their task to you. When you deliver the work and once the job is completed the money that you earned will be transferred to your account.

Fiverr: Most of the pakistanis are using fiverr to earn money online. Fiverr is the non traditional website. On fiverr, You need to create your services in the form of gigs. You can write your skills about what you will do in this service and at how much price you will do this job and you need to set the delivery time.

Buyers search for the services that they need and when they select the gig which they want to give the job they place the order on their gig. Once you receive an order. You need to deliver the order within the time that you set in your gig.

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When the buyer accepts your work then the money will be kept for pending clearance for 14 days. After 14 days you will receive the money in your fiverr account that you earned.

You can also earn money online in Pakistan by working on People Per Hour, Freelancer & Guru. These are also the traditional marketplace like Upwork and have the same procedure. You can offer your services on all of these platforms to earn a huge amount of money online.

YouTube Channel:

How to earn money from YouTube in Pakistan

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. Everyone uses YouTube in one’s daily life. But, What if we can learn how to earn money online in Pakistan from youtube.

If you have any skill you can teach on YouTube, You can be a tutor. And you can earn money from YouTube in Pakistan after your channel is monetized. When your channel is monetized, Ads will be placed in your videos and you will start making money when people watch your videos and ads.

If you don’t have any skill don’t get worried. You can learn a new skill without spending any cost. There are many pakistani and other countries tutors on YouTube who teach various skills in a professional way.

After learning a skill, You can also teach that skill to your viewers and start making money online. You can also upload other than teaching videos. If you think you can make a video in any category (good category) that people can watch then you can create the video and publish it on youtube.

You have to be patient and continue your hard work. If you don’t get good views don’t lose your hope, keep working hard continuously, patiently.

Once your channel has grown, You can earn upto $1000 and more from YouTube. Just you need to work hard and you have to be patient to earn money online.


How to earn money from Blogging in Pakistan

If you’ve passion for writing, Blogging is the best option for you to make money online in Pakistan in 2020. You can do blogging if you’ve good command in english language. You can also write blogs in other languages but mostly English content is read.

To start blogging you will need a website or blog. To create a website you have to buy a domain and hosting. If you don’t have a budget then, you can create a FREE Blog on blogger.

Hosting is not needed here. You just have to buy a domain. Once you start getting traffic on your blog, You can switch to wordpress or other platforms and buy a good hosting for your blog.

To earn money online with blogging, you need to connect your blog with Google Adsense or any other platform. Once your website is approved for adsense, You can place ads on your website or blog. You can earn a great amount of money online in Pakistan by doing blogging.


This article can solve your problem if you want to know how to earn money online in Pakistan? The answer is simple: Read the whole article carefully and follow all the steps mentioned above with continuous hard work, And you will be earning a huge amount of money online in Pakistan.


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