Hotel Nelligan Montreal – Most Exquisite Place To Stay

In the heart of the old Montreal, the Hotel Nelligan Montreal, a century-old hotel increase the grace of the old city. The cozy and elegant lobby of this historic 5 story building welcomed you and blow you away with its antique and old structure. This hotel is designed in a perfect way to provide you a comfortable stay with an old touch with its exposed bricks and stone walls. Nelligan Montreal hotel is named after a famous and renowned poet of his time named Emile Nelligan. You will find his famous poems hanging on different walls of the hotel.– Hotel Nelligan Montreal Rooftop Bar:The Terrace Nelligan, bistro classic, and the Mechant Boeuf for the raw bar are the rooftop bars and restaurants that give you an opportunity to gaze at the majestic views of the beautiful old city. You can enjoy the famed and most ordered cuisine by the visitors the Sangria Claire with the white cranberry juice and with the peach liqueur. In day time you can enjoy the sunlight and at night you can amuse by the light and views of old port and old city. The rooftop bar serves you food with light music that makes the environment more romantic and calming.– Hotel Nelligan Montreal Gym Experience:For the fitness freaks, the gym or fitness center is opened for 24/7.  This windowless small gym is equipped with all the weight training and cardio exercise equipment of high-quality. Although it is a small room to do exercise but you will love this experience. To make your workout more entertaining this tiny room also has a flat TV. Towel, water, and exercise balls are also provided by the hotel to you free of cost.– Hotel Nelligan Montreal Breakfast And Meal:Splendid and delicious food is served to the guests at the Verses Restaurant within the Nelligan. The Verses Restaurant is known for its French cuisines and serves the food three times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While the Mechant Boeuf opens for dinner only. The terrific terrace restaurant the Terrasse Nelligan serves you lunch and dinner.– Restaurants Near Hotel Nelligan Montreal:the L’Orignal and the Le Bremner are the two famous restaurants located near this iconic hotel. To enjoy the city’s most reclaimed local food you can come here. For seafood lovers, these restaurants are heaven. For fresh and delicious local food dishes this place is an ideal place as it has numerous restaurants providing you the high-quality food made by the professional chefs with local ingredients.– Hotel Nelligan Montreal Reviews:The visitors recommended this hotel to stay in. One of the major reason behind its recommendation is the location of the hotel. It is ideally located in a place that has various Downtown attractions in its surroundings. The rooms and bathroom are clean and big in size, equipped with all the basic necessities, and are super comfortable to stay. The restaurants and especially the rooftop bar is an ideal place for the visitors to enjoy the meal with stunning backdrop.

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