Dockside Hotel Apartments London Short Stay Review:

London is a tourist attraction place and welcomes all the tourist. It offers you various luxurious and state-to-the art apartments and hotels to stay in. For the short stay, one of the best hotel and apartment is Dockside Hotel Apartments London.

A comfortable stay:

The Dockside Hotel Apartments London provides you a comfortable stay. If you want to relax and looking for a cozy place than it is the best option for you. The rooms are warm and designed in a sophisticated way.


You can select the accommodation according to your need and choice. It offers you, different sweets. For example, for a family, you can book a family apartment. It also offers you Single, Double, Twin, Small Single Room, Small double, Basic Single, Basic Twin Beds, and Economy Room. All the rooms are different in size and style. Few rooms have single bed and few have more than one bed. You can select the room according to your own need and wish. All the rooms have carpet floors, refrigerator, closet, shower, and a flat TV. These rooms have heating system that keeps your room warm and comfortable.

Ideal Location:

The Dockside Hotel Apartments London is located in an ideal location. All the basic places are few steps away from the apartments. It is near to the Tower of London. Hospitals, shopping malls, public transportation is available at the 220 meters distance from the apartments. Underground transportation is also near to this. You can go to any place in London and can easily come back to your apartment. One more important thing is the classic restaurants. In its surroundings you can find the best place to full your tummy. You can get British cuisines, European cuisines, and Asian cuisines here. It up-to-you what you want to eat. Any kind of food with great quality is available in its surroundings.

Delicious breakfast:

The visitors love this place because of its cozy and comfortable environment. Another more loveable feature of the Dockside Hotel Apartments is the delicious breakfast. Visitors love the breakfast provided by the Dockside. The food is rich in flavor and is made of local ingredients.

Professional staff:

The staff of the Dockside Hotel Apartments London has professional and well-trained staff. They are skilled in performing their responsibilities and works. The staff knows how to give respect to their guests. They make you feel special from the time you entered here. They take care of your each and everything and ensure that you can enjoy your stay here. They are friendly and welcomes you with a smile.

Bottom Line: For your short stay in London, Dockside Hotel is one of the best choices. It is a place where you can relax and can take a break from your daily tough routine. It provides you all the basic necessities. It is located in the center of location. You can go for shopping, can catch a bus or train easily as all these are few steps away from the apartments.

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